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We don't need preachy or self righteous. We need people with a hunger for change.

It seems anytime I ever talk to a Chicagoland vegan, they always say the same thing - "I know a couple of vegans in the city personally, but that's it!"

A bit discouraging isn't it? That's why Vegan Chicago is here. We're holding to the hope that atleast two or three of you crazy beautiful people out there will meet and become best friends and end up going arm in arm to the local cinema and then to the vegan bakery afterwards for cupcakes. We can all be optimistic right?

this and the upcoming veganchicago.org site are not exclusively for vegans - they're also for anyone even remotely curious on veganism and all of the things that go along with it. We're not here to preach and we're not here to scare - we're here to be understanding and compassionate. It's about time people starting being just as compassionate to other people as they are to animals!

We don't need preachy or self righteous. We need people with a hunger for change. genuine change. We have to remember to be just as compassionate towards people as we are towards animals, otherwise there's no sense!

Please send in yr commentaries, yr recipes, yr poetry, yr artwork, yr music, yr anything and everything that you could possibly be passionate about. All good things start with a spot of naivete - please spread the word and let's get as many Chicagoland people as possible to join this small and meeger myspace.

A .com is soon to come and we want everyone to contribute. We want veganchicago.org to be THE source for all things vegan in Chicago from an up to the minute events calender to an exhaustive index of vegan and vegan friendly restuarants (and yes, we're even looking for people to regular contribute articles and pieces on subjects they feel passionate about including activism, human and animal rights and so forth and so on) - but there's no way we'll ever be able to get this off the ground without everyone's help!

Let's show the world and Chicago our compassion - not our elitism!

p.s. - we have no affiliation with PETA. This is no offense towards those who align themselves with or share views with that organization.

p.s.s. - if we've added you and yr neither from Chicago nor a vegan and yr upset by our friend request BECAUSE yr neither of those things, please kindly accept our apologies and hit the Decline button as you wish. Oftentimes in our efforts to find more Chicagoland vegans, we sometimes come across people who are either one or the other or neither and just add them because we assume they might be interested anyway (as time consuming as it is, we actually DO look at EVERY profile we add to make sure that you MIGhT be atleast remotely interested in what we're doing here. True story).

-no fighting
-be nice
-put photos under LJ cut
-read all that stuff up there ^

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