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allow myself to introduce....myself

Intro Survey

Name: Megan, friends call me Veegs.
Place: Chicago, logan square, soon to be more east in a river west-ish neighborhood
How Long Have You Been Vegan: close to 2 years
Favorite Place To Eat: Iruaza
Favorite Dish: things with avocados.
Why Are You Vegan: I became a vegetarian after leaving my parents house for a college apartment. Remained vegetarian because I have a major sweet tooth and could not imagine a life without cookies. Spring break of 2006, I visited a friend out in San Diego who is vegan and he showed me how easy it is to eat vegan, and he also gave me an amazing recipe for vegan chocolate chip cookies. I came back from vacation, finished off whatever dairy products I had, then became full-fledged vegan.
Favorite Band: Tegan and Sara. they did an anti-fur campaign :)

I am constant reminder of choice. I don't bombard people with facts unless they ask or start rattling off untrue statements.
I think veganism is personal. we all have different standards and have put a line down saying, "I can go this far, but right there, that's too far for me to give in to my morals."
I wear leather. I dont buy leather from stores, but I see no harm in buying a purse or shoes from a thrift store and wearing it. The money isn't going to support the making of more leather accessories. I wouldn't do the same with fur, because fur just creeps me out, and I've never seen something made out of fur that I thought was cute.

also, Hello to you all!

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