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Chicago-land Mercy for Animals Speaker Event at Loyola University!

Already posted by Vegan Chicago on their myspace but thought I'd pass it along in here as well. Feel free to ask me any questions...

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A speech and open panel about extending the circle of compassion towards animals during Loyola's Season of Nonviolence.

The agenda:

-Forty five minute speech given by Mercy for Animals
-Topics of discussion includes making thoughtful food choices and how we can become more compassionate people towards animals during our Season of Nonviolence and after
-Open panel forum with the speaker
-Free vegan food provided by Lake Side Cafe to finish

See you there!

Facebook event:
MFA event website:


I have spent the last month organizing this event with Loyola, the MFA, and the Student Environmental Alliance at Loyola. If you can come, that would be awesome! Thanks guys!


Jobs Jobs Jobs

so I've been looking high and low for a veggie friendly job to pay the rent when I start culinary school in late May. Anyone have any tips? I've found 40 odd veggie friendly restuarants and coffee shoppes and I'm gonna start pounding pavement tomorrow - but any additions to these already listed would be great

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Thanks in advance!
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allow myself to introduce....myself

Intro Survey

Name: Megan, friends call me Veegs.
Place: Chicago, logan square, soon to be more east in a river west-ish neighborhood
How Long Have You Been Vegan: close to 2 years
Favorite Place To Eat: Iruaza
Favorite Dish: things with avocados.
Why Are You Vegan: I became a vegetarian after leaving my parents house for a college apartment. Remained vegetarian because I have a major sweet tooth and could not imagine a life without cookies. Spring break of 2006, I visited a friend out in San Diego who is vegan and he showed me how easy it is to eat vegan, and he also gave me an amazing recipe for vegan chocolate chip cookies. I came back from vacation, finished off whatever dairy products I had, then became full-fledged vegan.
Favorite Band: Tegan and Sara. they did an anti-fur campaign :)

I am constant reminder of choice. I don't bombard people with facts unless they ask or start rattling off untrue statements.
I think veganism is personal. we all have different standards and have put a line down saying, "I can go this far, but right there, that's too far for me to give in to my morals."
I wear leather. I dont buy leather from stores, but I see no harm in buying a purse or shoes from a thrift store and wearing it. The money isn't going to support the making of more leather accessories. I wouldn't do the same with fur, because fur just creeps me out, and I've never seen something made out of fur that I thought was cute.

also, Hello to you all!

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Intro Survey
Name: Kriss Stress
Age: 23
Place: uhm...not Chicago?
How Long Have You Been Vegan: I lost track...
Favorite Place To Eat: my own kitchen and Red Bamboo in NYC
Favorite Dish: any asian / any italian
Why Are You Vegan: I wanted to lose weight and stop eating so much junk. After being vegan for a little bit, I began to look into the effects that the animal industries have on the environment at large, how the energy used to produce one pound of meat COULD have been used to produce 100 pounds of grain instead, and how migrant workers and illegal immigrants and aliens are the main source of bodies used by these industries to get their work done. These people have no rights and if injured (which most of them do - almost mortally), can't have worker's comp or anything since they're technically not supposed to be in the country anyway.

I've also been able to draw the parallels between my veganism and my faith as a Christian. While I have no interest in pushing my ideals, beliefs or choice of Saviour on anyone, I DO believe that supporting the meat and dairy industries, purchasing products tested on animals and generally not giving a toss about what is being consumed is bad stewardship and a horrible example to others. I'm also of the mind that if a person goes to such great lengths to do their part in protecting animals, then they should love and embrace other people as well instead of being so hateful and callous everyday. I for one am STILL constantly working on this...

I've recently enrolled into a culinary school and upon getting my Associates have full plans of becoming a personal vegan chef/caterer.
Favorite Band: New Order
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Hello and welcome!

If this is your first time here, please look at the info section :)

Enjoy your time here! Post often :)

My intro...

Name: Melissa (aka Mellie)
Age: 25
Place: Chicago
How Long Have You Been Vegan: 2 months (not long at all)
Favorite Place To Eat: The Chicago Diner
Favorite Dish: The cinnamon rolls my husband makes
Why Are You Vegan: It started out as health reasons, but I love animals. Likely story...I know.
Favorite Band: Deerhoof

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